Classics Sails
A few old Riggs are restored and belongs to our nautical heritage.
Among them, some sailing ship were used to transport, others sailing yacht to race.
More and more meetings of Classics yachts attest our history. Regattas become gradually a magic glamour.
For all these type of yacht, sails have to combine Performance, Strength, and a great aesthetic standard.
We know how to use the neglected techniques of design, trade secret and bench work, very specific to soft cloth.
More often these types of sails must fit nicely to wooden rigs.
We have the ability of an old sailmakers of the beginning of twentieth century to perform the most beautiful hand-work.

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Mainsail head: hand-made internal headboard, hand-sewn with leather and rat tail.
Tack point: hand-embroidered ring an eyelet with leather and rat tail.

Head point: hand-embroidered ring an eyelet with leather and rat tail.

Clew point: External ring with rat tail. Load is evenly distributed by 5 hand-sewn donuts.


AMERAMI Association (which aims to save the French national yacht patrimony) put trust in Galaxie voiles to make a new suit of sails for Calypso, a mahogany racing yacht, built in 1911, according to "Gaudinet Rules". She is designed to race especially on Leman lack.

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Whatever the rig your yacht has got, Galaxie voiles will preserve her character.