New Sails

Standard Racing-cruising mainsail :


- Cloth: First choice Dacron soft, medium or firm Or composite cloth (Mylar, Kevlar, Spectra)

- Cut: Crosscut or Triradial depending on cloth selection  

- Panels are stuck and stitched by 3 steps stitches.

- Nerf de chute et sortie avec clam à chaque ris.

- Leech line with clam-cleat at each reef

- Stainless Steel rings at each corner

- Stainless steel slug slide at head and clew

- 2 Rows of reef, the 3rd is optional

- Telltales and stripes

- Carrying bag, Warranty: 18 Months


Racing-cruising full batten mainsail :



- This sail has the same characteristics as the standard mainsail. What makes the difference is:

- A bigger area depends on the position of the backstay. This extra area especially at the top of the sail will be even more efficient close to the wind..

- The number of battens will depend on sail size

- Batten Pockets are protected by webbing.

- Carrying bag

- Warranty: 18 Months



Racing-Cruising Furling Genoa :


- Cloth: 1rst Choice Dacron Soft or Firm
- Sail can also be made out of Composite Mylar Taffeta Dacron, Spectra and so one….
- Cut: Crosscut or Tri-radial depending on cloth selection
- Panels are stuck and stitched by 3 steps stitches.
- Special patches are designed in order to reinforce head and tack even when sail is reduced.
- Foam luff insert eliminating fullness caused by reefing is optional
- U.V stripes are very resistant acrylic stripes
- Stainless ring at clew is reinforced by webbing.
- A strong leech line with aluminum clam-cleat and pocket and Velcro makes easy adjustments.
- Reefing labels indicates optimum reefed positions
- Carrying bag.
- Warranty: 18 Months.


Symmetrical racing spinnaker :


- Cloth: 1rst Choice Nylon .5 oz, .75 oz, 1.0 oz, 1.5 oz, or 2.2 oz
- Color scheme is your choice
- Cut: Tri-Radial. The sail is designed with the best compromise between reacher and runner, but you can ask for a specialized spinnaker like a reacher, a runner, a floater, and so one…
- Panels are assembled with 3 steps stitches.
- Sail Numbers are optional
- Special drawings can be painted on this sail. Ask for a quote.
- Carrying bag.
- Warranty: 18 Months


Asymmetrical Multi purpose Spinnaker :


- Constructed the same way as a racing Spinnaker, this sail is not as big as a conventional Spinnaker but is considerably larger than a full size Genoa

- It can be easily set without any spinnaker poles and is very easy to handle

- This sail can be combined with our squeezer

- Carrying bag.

- Warranty: 18 Months